16 de diciembre de 2014

Should I have a blog?

If you're the opposite of me you might think everything before taking a step towards, specially if it is something related to the net. Maybe you've heard about the wonders of having a blog, or maybe not. After all blogs are something really, really old (remember, on the Internet everything gets old really quick)

A little bit of history, and my explanation of the place of blogs in all this fuzz

Blogs are kind of the transition form Web 1.0 to Web 2.0. Back in the days if you wanted to have a stake in the net, you had to build a website from scratch, host it and then wait for people to get to your page. Nothing really different from now. But back then webpages were static, you needed to change the code or use an editor to make updates and search engine optimization was not in the map. I was there, having a website hosted at freewebsites.com, adding cool things to my website like guessbooks, visitor counters, digital clocks and all that 90's kitch that made my afternoons as a nerd who really didn't have any access to a professional training in web site development (back then you couldn't be as much self-taught throught the Internet as everybody was trying to sell their interactive CD-ROMS)
Then blogs came into scene, they were websites, they were personal, they were dinamic, they were for people with no idea of what HTML was, they were free and they were easy to setup.

Why blogs are the transition between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0? You might ask me. Well I'm not a scholar whose voice is dogma but here's my explanation: Web 2.0 has been marked by social networks and colaborative networking, let's say Facebook, Youtube and Google Apps. But blogs, at least for me, fall in between: they are not truly collaborative (and you may say "hey! more than one author can publish in a single blog" but the matter is that each autor in a blog writes as he wants) and they are not truly social as you don't really waste your time scrolling down a news feed tailored according to your contacts.

So, what really happens in a blog?

Before stuff like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and sort of appeared into scene blogs were the deal. You could do whatever you want in them (Sorry if I use past tense, is just that it looks like blogs are almost extinct but hey I'm trying to put a little effort into bringing them back, at least for people who really might use them) from posting a picture of your last vacation in Mexico to posting a philosophical dissertation of your own.
What happens for me in a blog is that blogs gave the chance to say what I wanted to say, throw it to the world and make real acquaintances in the proccess. Blogs are not for everybody as Facebooks is for gossip, Instagram for self-assurance, Twitter for weird-ass chatting and LinkedIn for multi-level marketing.
Blogs let you put a real effort into what you're sharing (forget about copywriting, that's way too much for me). Lets just look at this post, nobody may read it, like it, share it or come to mind about it but I'm paying real attention and effort in doing it. Because I really want to share it. It's not like my angsty, sarcastic status updates that I post on Facebook just to get likes or see if someone comments.

Should I have a blog?

Here is the answer you were looking for if you came here throught the search engine: Yes, you should have a blog. But it has a conditional: if you're the kind of the person who just likes to gossip over Facebook or take selfies for Instagram then you shouldn't.
So the real answer is that if you have something to say, whatever it is and you are willing to put the effort into it blogs are for you whether you're a photographer, a writer, a know-hower or whatever. Just open a blog and start telling people what you want, some may like it, some may not but at last you'll have a chance not to remain silent. Sorry if I didn't give you a n-points list, this is easier than that.

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Miguel dijo...

Excellent article, but I'm really interested in the role of comments. With your article, I've understood "tell that you want say", however, what is the situation with the readers?. You can say me that you don't care, but, I consider is part of a blog. What do you think about the feedback?

I agree with your opinion, I make only a suggestion to complete your entry.

Adrián Flores dijo...

Well, that's the issue you can or cannot pay attention to comments. It's all up to you, I usually go read them and comment back and if the feedback I get is worth it measures are taken.